Friday, April 13, 2007

Tehuantepec - Everyone back together again

Everyone was finally reunited with a half an hour difference between the groups arriving.
It was great to all be together again. After a quick shower and a cold beer, everyone went out for dinner and caught up on the events of the past couple days. There was a fairground just next to the restaurant, and it didn't take Terese, Emily and Vivi long to persuade them to open the trampoline of the fairground for them to bounce on!
The next morning the group would split again as we (Emily, Nicky, Teresa, Ben, Dan and Andy) needed some well deserved down time, while the Rabbit (Suzanne, JP and Bing) and Team Zero (Ane and B jornar) would head off to visit a biodiesel project.
After waving goodbye to Dan (who sadly had to leave us and head back to Mexico City), the two mercs headed for the beach while the rest of the group headed toward Chapas (a four hour drive in the opposite direction). The plan would be for them to catch up with us later that afternoon.


EMILY J. said...

Thanks for the updates! We are excited that you are getting closer to us. We hope to welcome you in CR.
Is there a cellphone we can reach you at?
Please call me when possible to plan an event here
Is the bluebird bus still travelling?

Emily Yozell

Biodiesel said...

Queremos que hagan una visita a un concesionario de camiones y empresa de buses aqui en Costa Rica!!!

Mucha suerte y los estamos esperando en san Jose


Hi¡¡¡ Emily

What's for de old yellow Mercedes??
It's. OK????

Best Regards