Friday, April 20, 2007

Honduras heat

Quick update with more news of the last week's exploits later. But YES, we got Ole Yeller back on the road after a make or break few days, headed south to Oaxaca and down to the Pacific coast for a reunion with the other greasers. After a well deserved night camping on the beach and swimming in giant waves, the greasers headed for Guatemala where they visited several biofuel projects, ancient Antigua, and courted the press, energy companies, and government officials in Guatemala City. On to Honduras without the Slug which was delayed due to brake failure in Guatemala City, the greasers headed to Copan Ruinas for some rest and fresh air in the Honduran highlands. Yesterday we pushed on to Lago Yajoa in Central Honduras where we will be visiting a Tilapia fish biodiesel project this morning.

Waiting for news of Ben and Jacko and the Slug - fingers crossed they will limp our way on 3 brakes today so we can do more repairs.

Proper news later - thanks to all for your support!!


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