Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dan and Teresa

Dan and T
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Hmm, can we get this thing running again?

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Roshanak said...

Hey greaseballers. just got caught up on the blog. Suz, happy birthday. had a cold beer at the Keystone lodge in your honor on your birthday (which is also babak's birthday). Ben, happy birthday to you as well.

So, it's old yeller givin' you problems. Wouldn't have guessed her to be the trouble maker. Not after all the whining and attention demanding coming from Suz's car prior to the launch. Don't know what we can do on this end - any rituals to perform, spells to cast or exorcisms to conduct. or perhaps a fundraiser for a new greasemobil?

Keep up the spirits, or better yet, keep chuggin' down the spirits which should accomplish the former easily. And remember, I’m here with bail money.