Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mexico City delays, breakdowns, oh boy.

Its now Tuesday and 2 of the teams are still in Mexico City undertaking major repairs on Ole Yeller and The Slug, the two Mercedes Benzs. Team Zero from Norway and Grease Lightening have gone on ahead with the film crew to Acapulco and the beach... Its a sad day as we separate but a necessary solution to a not too happy situation.


agnes said...

hi guys!
we're from mexico city and we've just discovered your amazing project an hour ago. We're reading that your unfortunately still blocked in mexico city for mechanical problems. We would really like to meet your team if we can still get the chance, anywhere you are in the city. We have a similar project for latinamerica starting from mexico city, and you can surely healp us a great deal. Hope you can get in touch through mail asap. Good Luck! agnes and Chimi

aorlinsky said...

Are you sure that the white Merc has a transmission problem, and not a issue with a clogged fuel line, or fuel system clog (without enough fuel through the line, the transmission will appear very sluggish). Just a thought.