Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Country roads to Nashville, Memphis and Dallas

Arriving in Nashville late on Sunday night, exhausted after a long days drive, the Greasers rested up at the Broken Spoke Hotel on the outskirts of the city. In the morning, the teams motored into the city to visit Hard Rock Cafe for another greasestop. Vilma from Hard Rock was waiting for us with 50 gallons of waste grease from the Hard Rock kitchens collected over the last few days so we got busy filling the cars and all our storage containers. There we met Ari, another greasecar driver who worked just over the road and spotted the cars outside from his office. "I figured anyone who puts stickers all over a Mercedes Benz has to be a greaser" said Ari. Ari also has a Greasecar system in his car so we spent a few minutes talking grease systems and how to optimize our own filtration systems before eating a slap ûp Hard Rock lunch. Quick photo shoot in cowboy hats outside the entrance, and we rolled out of town toward Memphis. Unfortunately Suz left her grease fuel switch on purge forcing her diesel tank to run into her grease buckets in the back of the truck leaving a trail of greasy diesel behind her as we drove into Memphis at sundown. We really know how to make an entrance.

Cleaning up human and car bodies at the Kings Court Inn, our motel for the night, we headed to the Peabody Hotel for cocktails followed by some finger licking good BBQ ribs at the Blue City Cafe on Beale Street. Hmm.

Up early on Tuesday, Ben, Nicky and I went over to Hard Rock Memphis for breakfast and more grease although wondering whether we were at full grease capacity after the bonanza fill up in Nashville. However, when Joe from Hard Rock showed us the waste grease from his kitchen we found it was pristine soy bean oil, the golden grease of greases for our mobiles. On came the rubber gloves for another extraction before chugging off to Graceland where the rest of the crew were doing the Elvis tour. After stocking up on some Elvis license plates, sunglasses and dashboard bling, the Greasers set out for a modest afternoon drive - over 400 miles to Dallas. The cars cruised all afternoon on soy bean oil eating up the miles. 11 hours later we arrived on the outskirts of Dallas here we stayed at the luxurious Holiday Inn, or so it seemed after the last few motels.


neti said...

hi emily,hope you can read this. i see you are on your way to mexico city...i'm envious not to be there.
Eddie might be there on saturday.
his tel number is 556882265.
hope everything is going well. will speak to you on your return.
love x neti

marite said...

Ben and Teresa,
Is there an update? We are eagerly reading your blog!! What a great experience! Happy Easter! How is the grease in Mexico?