Sunday, April 1, 2007

Some news from the Greasers...

1st of April

Greasers spent the night in a Motel in Christiansburg, getting up at 7am to get ready, do some small repairs to the cars (tightened our fan belt, replaced a fuse, checked the tanks) and then started the search for grease. This would be our first find of grease from an unknown source. Turns out that MacDonalds (in the USAY have a contract with some company that comes and collects their grease, which they in turn get paid for. So they making us fat and getting a fat profit back.We had breakfast at the Waffle House, talked to the locals and got directions to Walmart (buyung car charges and more supplies). We also found a large 'bin' of grease at the back of an italian restaurant and spent the next 3 hours working out the best way to pump it out of the bin, into buckets and then into our filtering system in the boot, and then of course into our grease tanks. The grease was soya oil, good quality oil. The restaurant changes their oil about once a week and not much fried food - which is great for us. Hopefully this will become an easier task as we get on. It did however set us back on the driving, as we needed to do 8 hours driving to get to Nashville.All filled with grease we managed to get going at around 1pm. The cars seem to go so much bettter on the grease, especially our car 'Quest for the Golden Grease', who has been leading the way at an average speed of 60 miles an hour.We have now passed our first time zone gaining an hour which is great - this means we can get to enjoy Nashville nightlife and perhaps end up in some "e-ha music bar". Think its important for everyone to have some fun tonight as its been a hard slog these past two days. Tomorrow morning we have our press + grease stop at Hard Rock, Nashville 10am which is good (no searching), although we did find the grease from the last Hard Rock pretty bad - they do too much frying and don't tend to change their oil as often.Emily and I are definately the "green" car with green shag pile car seat covers and green led lights on the back window that we switch on at dusk! ;-)Well its now 915pm (although 1015 for us)and we have 35 miles to go till Nashville. Spirits are high with lots of banter back and forth between the cars on the walkie talkies.

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brandon_valentine said...

Hey, I think I saw you guys...maybe it wasn't your group, but I believe so. I was heading down I-30 in Arkansas, about halfway between Little Rock and Texarkana.

I first noticed the blue van following you with the LOWE sticker and whatever else, with your car and another ahead of it.

I was immediately in wonder of what on earth you were up to. This was only about an hour and a half ago, so first thing when I got home from seeing your little caravan, I got online to check out the to see what the deal was, I'm totally intrigued!

This is really neat, and I'll do a bit of research on this! I put A LOT of miles on my Honda Prelude, and this seems to be a cheaper and more economical fuel. I've heard of it before, but seeing a couple really rad low-budget cars headed down the highway was definitely a revolution for the opinion I had on how quickly fuel substances like this were making headway!

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