Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bosch at work on Ole Yeller

Monday morning, Dan and Teresa, who is our wonder woman/official greaseball interpreter, found a Bosch diesel specialist just north of Mexico City. Within 2 hours, 2 technicians, Ismael and Ulysses, arrived to look at the car. Bosch make most of the parts in Mercedes Benzs and these guys are also specialists in fuel pumps, so we couldn´t have found a better match. 10 hours later, the boys were still working on the car shaking their heads as night fell. Every time we started it up, it belched out noxious clouds of smoke that filled the garage sending everyone running outside. The Greasers, who had all returned from their excursions around Mexico City, stayed huddled together in the garage anxiously awaiting a verdict on the car which had now delayed us another day. Tools, rags, oil canisters, and spare parts littering the floor, the mechanics worked into the night before giving up at 10pm. It was time to call a tow truck to haul the car back out to the Bosch center north of the city where the mechanics could continue to work on her on Tuesday. Exhausted and worried, the crew resigned to a much needed beer at a local taco restaurant followed by bed..

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Jay said...

So sorry to hear that the grease mobiles are having trouble. Chin up, guys. I'm sure you'll find a way to keep on trucking. Just keep in mind that there are a bunch of people back home rooting for ya!