Wednesday, April 4, 2007

On to Austin to visit Willie Nelson

With new grease filters in all the cars first thing on Wednesday morning, the Greaseballers pushed on south of Dallas to visit Carl's Corner and a small biodiesel plant operated by Pacific Biodiesel. They make 8000 gallons of biodiesel a day from cotton seed oil providing local markets south of Dallas. Many of their clientele are truckers who are fast converting to biodiesel to improve engine performance - the low sulfur in US diesel isn't so good for engine durability said Karl who runs the plant. Biodiesel makes trucks run like a top.

After a tour of the plant, the Greaseballers cruised on South to Austin for a date with some very special friends, Willie Nelson and his wife Annie. Driving fast and eager to get to Austin on time to meet the country music legend, another breakdown frustrated the Greasers upon entering the city during rush hour chaos when the VW rabbit grease tanks overflowed again with diesel backwashing from the diesel tank leaving a greasy slick of soy bean oil all over the highway. Cleanup and refuelling completed, the Greasers navigated their way out of the city and into the rolling Texan hills.

We eventually arrived at the Nelson's ranch a few hours behind schedule. Willie and Annie were waiting for us, along with Randy and John their friends, and 30 horses they have rescued from the slaughter house. After filling up on Biowillie biodiesel from Willie's onsite fuel pump, we hung out chatting about the trip, biofuels, sat on Willie's tourbus listening to his upcoming album. What a trip! Before we left, we gave Willie, Annie and the guys Greaseball T-shirts and Willie signed all the cars and posed for photos. What a fantastic afternoon and the highlight of the trip so far! Waving goodbye and fully stocked with bottles of Willie's Spring Water, the Greasers drove off smiling to the nearby country club where the Nelson's generously provided us accommodaton for a relaxing night of fluffy beds, laundry and sleep. We love Austin!!!!

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