Monday, April 16, 2007

New planted jatropha, Guatemala

New planted jathropha
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In Guatemala, we visited a community cooperative who are planting jatropha to make biodiesel. Jatropha is an indigenous plant that is typically used to fence off other crops due to its poisonous leaves. The plant however grows well on degradated land and produces high oil yielding seeds. Perfect for a community biodiesel project. These plants had been set in the ground just a few weeks earlier and were already sprouting. They will be harvested for oil in 1 year.

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Stephen said...

whomever wrote this, please email me at because i would like to speak with you and hopefully obtain the contact information for the community that has planted this Jatropha. I am starting a project in Latin America also and would really benefit from speaking with them. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
from, Stephen