Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Annie, Suzanne & Willie


mauimom said...

Aloha Suzanne & Crew!

Willie and I finally got home to Maui, and are just now having 1 day to relax.

Glad to hear you made a better choice for the border crossing. Sell the water (if you have any left) when you get there if you need to-lol!!!

I still wish I could have gone with you all. Vaya Con Dios. You are now the teachers of the truth about biofuels. Bueno Y no mas mentieras de biodiesel. Brave, Yay & groovy!

Hasta la vista babies!!!

Suzanne, los caballos estan aqui quando tu regressa. I totally suck at Spanish grammer, pues...los siento y ciao!


mauimom said...

BTW, I look like I was the one on the bus with Willie...YIKES!!!!