Friday, April 6, 2007

Border Crossing - into Mexico!

Friday 6th April

After another long night of driving, the Greasers found a hotel in Corpus Christi called “El Tropical” and opened the beers. The usual banter continued in the motel corridors as the Greasers exchanged stories about friends and family back home.
They managed to set off at 9am (which is remarkable) considering there are now 12 people (including the film crew) and start the long drive towards the Mexican border. We decided on crossing at Brownsville as apparently this is a lot easier than the other crossing we were looking at – Laredo – where 4 sheriffs have been gunned down in drug battles in recent times. Also now leaving the USA, we realize that we need to adjust our driving schedule so that we are on the road early in the morning and off my dusk.

The Flying Burrito Brothers had the first blow out of the trip. With Jacko behind the wheel, the rear tire exploded with the force of a small bomb but they managed to pull over and to a tire change in 20 minutes. Safely back on the road and catching up with the girls, we all joined in convoy and headed for the border.

Once at the border, Emily needed to sell two of the cars fast...In Mexico, the owner of the vehicle has to be in the car at the border crossing, and since Emily “owned” all 3 cars that presented a slight problem. So, with a quick sale of the Slug, the white Mercedes to Ben & Jacko ($200) and the Van to Bjornar ($3500), deeds where written on the back of a serviette and deal done. Everything else went relatively smoothly although the film crew had to go back to the US side to declare all of the camera equipment. which gave the Greasers time to catch up on playing frisbee and establishing a new skipping champion, Ben.

Paperwork done, the Greasers cruised into Mexico heading south to Ciudad Victoria through spectacular rolling hills and the sunset topped off with mole chicken and bed.

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