Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mercedes Benz Club, San Jose 26th April

Mercedes Club, San Jose
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Dear Grease Car Rally Friends.
In the name of the Mercedes Benz Club of Costa Rica and mine, I want to congratulate you for embarking in such a challenging and demanding event. We are excite that we had the chance to meet such a wonderful group of people and we had a great time learning about you guys and your adventures.
Definitely your rally prove a lot of things and in Costa Rica in particular I has created a lot of buzz in the media and a lot of interested in the cars themselves. There are going to be in display at the Antique Car Club meeting this Wednesday. So far in the last week there has been at least 100 people that have come to see that car in storage and to learn about them. Also this week we are going to have one of the major newspaper is interested in doing an article on both vehicles
The MB Club Costa Rica is very excited and wants to "adopt" both cars and will do the best effort in taking care of them. This Saturday we are going to do a major revision of both vehicles and fix any problems that they may have.

Best Regards
Amedeo Gaggion, President
Mercedes Benz Club Costa Rica


rrjexpert said...

So far, I have no complaints. It’s running very well. The parts are tough. I make it a point to check every single part so as to avoid any problem in the road. Hopefully, I haven’t had any trouble with it during rush. I got to replace its Mercedes Benz Air Mass Meter last week and I’m fortunately enough that it’s only the part that I needed to purchase for it this month.

David og Anette said...

I have driven 5000km with my Peugeot 306 on 100% WVO!

Totally unmodified, only advanced timing.