Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Border Crossing and Anders new toy

Anders and his new toy
Originally uploaded by Greaseball 2007.
After spending the night at a eco-lodge (and being welcomed by Chris and Tina), the Greasers set off early in the morning to make the border crossing into Costa Rica.

Nearly 5 hours later (and a lot of hanging around), we finally got through and were on the road. Suzanne and Bing had left earlier then us, and had gone through a couple of hours ago. Bing needed to be in San Jose tonight so that he could get his flight home the next morning.

One good thing about the delay, was that Anders had plenty of time to mount the camera to the front of the white mercedes. (his new toy). He'd been waiting weeks to do this! The drive from the border heading towards Canas was definately lots of fun. Ben & Andy took it in turns in driving while Anders shouted what manoeuvres needed to be done over the walkie talkie.

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