Monday, March 12, 2007

The first post

Welcome to the Official Greaseblog, home of Greaseball Challenge news from road and the inaugural 2007 rally.

This audacious 4-wheeled, or any wheeled, grease extravaganza throws down a greasy gauntlet challenging teams to drive 4,500 miles on pure plant power from the US to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. All that in a car bought for the same price as a packet of Reeses Pieces. We'll be using waste grease from restaurants and fast-food joints, veggie oil fresh from farms, markets or supermarkets, and biodiesel wherever we find it. Nasty old fossil fuels are not allowed (except in emergencies, and there will be lots of those). All cars and funds are donated to benefit environmental projects in the destination countries.

Departing April 1, 2007, a merry band of fools will leave the East and West of the US armed with nothing but a socket wrench, a funnel and a sense of adventure. This year's hopeful greaseballers span the nations of the US, UK, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, and South Africa. In 2008, we'll be opening it up to more. Stay tuned.

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scott mader said...

i live in northern belize and if you are heading my way i can give you 150 gallons of grease. i've had two dodge trucks running on swo - one greasecar system and one vegepower. i don't check my email often (once a week) but if you show up i can also house and feed you and would love to hear about your adventure. you can reach me at country code 501 and phone number 600-3863. good luck and keep on greasing